Clean Edge, Inc., founded in 2000, serves corporate, utility, and financial clients working to transition to a clean-energy economy. The firm is a clean-tech stock indexing pioneer, having published its first index with Nasdaq in 2006. Current stock indexes track the U.S. and global clean energy, water, transportation, and grid infrastructure markets. Clean Edge, along with the GridWise Alliance, also co-produces the annual gridCONNEXT conference, convening hundreds of industry innovators and stakeholders working to build a modern 21st century grid.


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A series of insights from leading smart-grid, clean-energy, and utility experts speaking at gridCONNEXT.

Ron Pernick: You first co-authored A New Reality with your father, the late Jonas Salk, nearly four decades ago. What made you decide to rewrite and update the book?

Jonathan Salk:  When it came out in 1981, it sold very few copies. Looking back, it seems that it was well before its time. My father lectured about the ideas until his death in 1995...

Stock Indexes

Clean Edge stock indexes cover diverse sectors including clean energy, transportation, energy storage, electric grid, and water. CELS tracks U.S.-traded clean-energy companies; GWE covers global companies engaged in the wind industry; HHO tracks U.S.-listed companies in the potable water and wastewater market; and QGRD covers global smart grid and grid infrastructure firms. First Trust offers ETFs based on these four indexes.

Clean Edge Stock Indexes         

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